1978 Demonstration Cartridge

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This was the first in-store demonstration cartridge.

1978 Demonstration CartridgeGraphics: 3
Sound: 3
Replay Value: Not Yet Reviewed
Notes: Buy Me!
Screen Shots

Designed to entice you into getting an Intellivision, the 1978 Demonstration Cartridge runs through a loop to nab you with Intellivision's superior graphics, sound, and sophistication. This demo also touts the originally announced Keyboard Component. The 1979 revision of the demonstration cartridge removed that reference.

The demonstration ran through four screens of text, followed by scripted snippets of NFL Football, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, and Armor Battle. It seems odd that they didn't have their 'killer app' - Major League Baseball - in on this demo. During the text, Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra plays in the background in glorious three-part harmony. (Actually, it's rather plain. Later classical adaptations, such as the music in Thunder Castle, are vastly superior.)

ROM No known ROM variations exist, but you might argue that the 1979 demo is one - it replaced the Keyboard Component screen.
Box No variations have been found.
Manual There is no manual, just the info on the back of the box.
Overlays There are no overlays.
Label To date, two labels have been recorded.
Easter Eggs No Easter Eggs have been found.

Only one version of the box has been found for 1978 Demonstration Cartridge.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
1978 Demonstration Cartridge Box (Mattel Electronics 1682-0950) Mattel Electronics 1682-0950 1978 Hong Kong Was there a U.S.A. version of the box?

No manual has been located for 1978 Demonstration Cartridge.

All the documentation you need for the demo is on the back of the box.

Back of 1978 Demo Box

As evidence that there is no further printed documentation for the 1978 demo, pete2049 was kind enough to share this image of an opened demo. Thanks!

Open 1978 Demo Box (courtesy of pete2049)

No overlay has been located for 1978 Demonstration Cartridge.

A total of two 1978 Demonstration Cartridge label variants have been documented.

Image Vendor Part Number Year Origin Description
1978 Demonstration Cartridge Label (Mattel Electronics) Mattel Electronics N/A None   Blue 1978 demo cartridge; no origin, date, or copyright info
1978 Demonstration Cartridge Label (Mattel Electronics) Mattel Electronics N/A None Hong Kong Blue 1978 demo cartridge; no copyright info

Title Screen What exciting fare!
Oooh! Funny, we're still trying to do that today!
Aaaah! Standard teaser text, meant to entice you into a system that didn't have much software at the time.
Oh, Really!? Promising the world—the Keyboard Component!
Uh... OK Yes, let's!
Yep, It's Football Wow! That NFL Football title screen sure is impressive!
Nice of the Defense to Call a Play Last-second, game-winning touchdown pass.
The First Pack-In Poker & Blackjack title screen.
Guess What? You Win!! That shifty-eyed dealer sure has some obvious tells.
Tank Atari has Combat, but we've got this!
Mmmm Hmmm... He blowed up real good.

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