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Without a doubt, Activision introduced one of the absolutely coolest ideas to the market—patches! Not only did Activision make great games, but they offered you a reward for playing them well! You newcomers to "Classic Gaming" (it would be interesting to know just what kind of demographic visits a site like this ;) may not appreciate just how important getting a high score was to the ego of the typical player back then. There were no cheat codes, and very few Easter Eggs. Games were a test of your skill and endurance, and the only true measure of that was your score. Or, as stated in an August 2013 Blue Sky Rangers live chat on Twitch, you played to see who could lose the game with the highest score. :D

If you scored well enough in Activision's games, took a picture of your TV screen to prove it, and mailed it in, you could join an elite club just for that game. You also received the Activisions newsletter. Yeah, those were the days! As far as collecting the patches... this site documents patches related to Intellivision games, and their variations.

The following table lists the patches that been uncovered so far, including many of the more modern-era ones. (Sorry, DZ-Jay, but the scans for those beautiful Christmas Carol vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents patches awarded to contest winners for several years still haven't landed in the inbox here.)

If you wish to provide pictures or information, know about a patch not listed here, or have one that may need a new home, send a message!

Astrosmash! Shoot-Off (Astrosmash!)

Patch: Astrosmash! Shoot-Off (Astrosmash!)

Participants in the great Astrosmash! Shoot-Off contest received this patch for sending in a picture of their high score.

Beamriders (Beamrider)

Patch: Beamriders (Beamrider)

You need to reach sector 20 and score at least 60,000 points to join this club.


Patch: Beamriders (Beamrider)

Apparently, there is also a second variation of the Beamriders patch—it is a semi-circular one. Is this the Atari VCS version? Zwackery and others on Atari Age have posted images of this patch. Looks awesome!

Dreadnaught Destroyer (The Dreadnaught Factor)

Patch: Dreadnaught Destroyer (The Dreadnaught Factor)

To be designated a Dreadnaught Destroyer, you need to win at level 4 or higher. At level 4 you only need to kill five ships, which seems pretty easy if you've played the game much.

Dreadnaught Destroyer (The Dreadnaught Factor)

Patch: Dreadnaught Destroyer (The Dreadnaught Factor)

This appears to be the variation was sent out for those who were skilled enough on the non-Intellivision platforms (Atari 5200 and Atari 8-bit computers).

Trailblazers (Happy Trails)

Patch: Trailblazers (Happy Trails)

With a score of 40,000 or more, you get to join this club. Anyone out there know if this game was ever released on another platform?

Explorers' Club (Pitfall!) (triangle)

Patch: Explorers' Club (Pitfall!) (triangle)

If you reach a score of 20,000 or better, you earn the right to join Pitfall Harry's Explorers' Club! This seems to be the most common version of the patch, specifically for the Atari VCS / 2600.

Explorers' Club (Pitfall!) (rectangle)

Patch: Explorers' Club (Pitfall!) (rectangle)

This is perhaps the least common version of the Pitfall patch. This version may have been for the Atari 5200 and Colecovision Pitfall experts. An no, Pitfall Harry does not look anything like Indiana Jones. Nope!

Explorers' Club (Pitfall!) (new style)

Patch: Explorers' Club (Pitfall!) (new style)

Since this one has the same artwork as the Intellivision box art, consider it the 'default' patch for the Intellivision collector.


Patch: River Raiders (River Raid) (original)

Call this the 'Atari Version' of the patch. To qualify, you needed a score of 15,000.

River Raiders (River Raid) (new style)

Patch: River Raiders (River Raid) (new style)

For Intellivision River Raid players, you needed to score at least 35,000 points! This patch looks cooler anyway.

Trail Drive (Stampede) (circle)

Patch: Trail Drive (Stampede) (circle)

After ropin' 3,000 points worth o' cattle, you can join the Trial Drive!


Patch: Trail Drive (Stampede) (horseshoe)

In the Intellivision version of Stampede, the manual shows a picture of the Trail Drive patch with artwork from the Intellivision box - as the Pitfall! patch does. Anyone out there have this version? Apparently, Zwackery over on Atari Age posted a picture including this patch back in 2007.

Worm Whompers (Worm Whomper)

Patch: Worm Whompers (Worm Whomper)

Saving 75,000 points worth of corn will land you in the Worm Whompers club. Was this game ever released on other platforms?

1980 Cleveland Browns Kardiac Kids Play-Offs (Promotional Coupon)

Patch: 1980 Cleveland Browns Kardiac Kids Play-Offs (Promotional Coupon)

The city of Cleveland, Ohio was so crazy about the "Kardiak Kids" back in the 1981 NFL playoff season they gave away free copies of NFL Football when you bought an Intellivision system!


Patch: Christmas Carol vs. The World: Novice Elf

Prize awarded in the annual Christmas Carol vs. The World high score contest in the Novice Elf category.


Patch: Christmas Carol vs. The World: Helper Elf

Prize awarded in the annual Christmas Carol vs. The World high score contest in the Helper Elf category.


Patch: Christmas Carol vs. The World: Ranger Elf

Prize awarded in the annual Christmas Carol vs. The World high score contest in the Ranger Elf category.


Patch: Christmas Carol vs. The World: Master Elf

Prize awarded in the annual Christmas Carol vs. The World high score contest in the Master Elf category.

D2K Arcade (Barrel Jumpers Club)

Patch: D2K Arcade (Barrel Jumpers Club)

Ending in early 2013 as part of the rollout of the D2K Arcade release, this contest awarded patches to the top 25 entrants, along with other prizes for higher finishers, such as buttons and pins. The grand prize winner received a custom ROM version of the game!

Mouse Trap (Intellivision Revolution Reissue)

Patch: Mouse Trap (Intellivision Revolution Reissue)

This patch was issued with the special CBS version of Mouse Trap from Intellivision Revolution, and also as part of a high score contest.

Copter Command (Bonus pack-in item)

Patch: Copter Command (Bonus pack-in item)

Continuing the tradition of including bonus items, the Intellivision Revolution game Copter Command included this patch.

Moon Blast (Bonus pack-in item)

Patch: Moon Blast (Bonus pack-in item)

You don't even need to get 100,000 points to get the Commander patch– Intellivision Revolution put it right in the box!

Sea Venture (Bonus pack-in item)

Patch: Sea Venture (Bonus pack-in item)

Score 50,000 and send in a picture... ah, fuggetabahtit–Intellivision Revolution doesn't want your pictures! Patch is included with your copy of Sea Venture!