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Not long after Intelligentvision entered the Intellivision homebrew scene, Valter Prette in Italy founded Elektronite to foster new game development for the Intellivision as well. While the long–term goal of Intelligentvision was to bring previously unreleased titles from "back in the day" to the light of day, Valter's mission was to not only bring new titles, but new developers to the Intellivision community.

With the delivery of the already popular Arcade titles from Carl Mueller, Jr. to wow us and show just how badly Coleco missed the mark with their universally derided Donkey Kong port, and the new gem Match 5, it's safe to say that the Intellivision community is thankful indeed that this effort has been a success.

You can find a better, more complete story on Elektronite here

To view Elektronite's offerings, go here.

Cartridge Count 15/??

Title Item No. Manual Overlays Rarity Notes
Anthropomorphic Force Box Anthropomorphic Force ELK1903 Yes

Anthropomorphic Force Overlay


U2Elektronite 2019 release; initially a cartridge- and LTO Flash!-only release; box and label update delivered in 2021; manual and overlays in 2022
Boulder Dash<sup>®</sup> Box Boulder Dash® ELK1402 Yes

Boulder Dash<sup>®</sup> Overlay


U2Co-published with First Star Software, Inc. to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the initial Atari 8-bit release; early demo version was shown at Classic Gaming Expo in 2014, though the final release was in 2015; collection contains serial number 0126
D2K Arcade Box D2K Arcade ELK1201 Yes

D2K Arcade Overlay


U2Contains not only DK Arcade, but a second game containing four all–new levels inspired by the hit Jumpman Returns; more info at the Elektronite site
Defender of the Crown Box Defender of the Crown ELK1602 Yes

Defender of the Crown Overlay


U2Thirteen years in the making! The classic title from Cinemaware will push your systme to its limits. Jousting! Sieges! All the strategy and action of the original.
DK Arcade Box DK Arcade ELK1203 Yes

DK Arcade Overlay


U2Elektronite's release, voted Game of the Year 2011; Carl Mueller, Jr. shows us how Donkey Kong should have been done; more info at the Elektronite site; personal copy is serial number 0064; those white lines on the box scan are from the shrinkwrap
Hover Bovver Box Hover Bovver ELK1601 Yes

Hover Bovver Overlay


U2After a falling out during development in 2013, this game makes a triumphant entry into the Intellivision scene in 2018, with great voice work and a truly memorable version of Jeff Minter's classic; a "Half-Cut" version was briefly available with this box; 2018 release has an updated box
Match 5 Box Match 5 ELK1301 Yes

Match 5 Overlay


U2Popular new strategy game for the Intellivision; info at the Elektronite site; personal collection contains serial number 0124
Minehunter Box Minehunter ELK1202 Yes

Minehunter Overlay


U2Elektronite's release of Ryan Kinnen's adaptation of the classic game to the Intellivision; more info at the Elektronite site
Miner 2049<sup>er</sup> Box Miner 2049er ELK1801 Yes

Miner 2049<sup>er</sup> Overlay


U2The venerable classic is finally here for your Intellivision! Not only that, but original Level Designer Curtis Mikolyski has designed eleven new levels for this release!
Ninja Odyssey Box Ninja Odyssey ELK1901 Yes

Ninja Odyssey Overlay


U2Elektronite 2019 release; initially a cartridge- and LTO Flash!-only release; inspired by the classic Wonder Boy; box and label update delivered in 2021; manual and overlays in 2022
Old School Box Old School ELK1401 Yes

Old School Overlay


U2Initially, Elektronite offered John Doherty's game as a cartridge-only release. Popular demand and the arrival of angel investor Soulbuster brought a full complete in box release. Collection contains an upgrade kit version as well as serial number 12.
Paddle Party Box Paddle Party ELK1302 Yes

Paddle Party Overlay


U2Original title developed by one-time Mattel programmer David Akers; more info at the Elektronite site
Steamroller Box Steamroller ELK1802 Yes

Steamroller Overlay


U2David Rolfe's unreleased classic rolls on over to the Intellivision, over fifteen years after its initial release for the ColecoVision!
The Lost Caves of Kroz Box The Lost Caves of Kroz ELK1303 Yes

The Lost Caves of Kroz Overlay


U2Programmed by John Doherty, and licensed from Apogee, this game pushes the Intellivision and LTO's JLP technology into a new frontier; large, ambitious action-puzzler with three save game slots on the cartridge; yours truly contributed a tiny bit of code–the text displayed as you enter each room; collection contains serial number 0084
TNT Cowboy Box TNT Cowboy ELK1902 Yes

TNT Cowboy Overlay


U2Elektronite 2019 release; initially a cartridge- and LTO Flash!-only release; Bomberman in the Old West!; box and label update delivered in 2021; manual and overlays in 2022