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4.0) Cartridge Listing:

4.1 - Released Titles

This list contains information from VGR'S Giant List of Intellivision games, Sean Kelly's list, Paul Thurrott's List, and some information I have gleaned from personal experience.

Manufacturer's Key:
MA = Mattel IM = Imagic PB = Parker Bros. IN = INTV
SE = Sega AT = Atarisoft AC = Activision CO = Coleco
SU = Sunrise IT = Interphase 20 = 20th Century Fox CB = CBS Electronics
ST = Sears Tele-Games      

Ovr? Key:
Yes = Has overlays No = No Overlays ?? = No clue =)
L/R = Has different overlays for the left and right controllers


Any interesting tidbits, such as additional hardware required, release notes, and compatibility. Please note that the compatibility issue varies from person to person, e.g. two people have told me that Chess works in their INTV II's, but it freezes in mine.

Title Mfg. Part # Ovr? Notes
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons MA 3410 Yes  
Advanced D&D Treasure of Tarmin MA 5300 Yes  
Armor Battle MA 1121 Yes  
Astrosmash MA 3605 Yes  
Atlantis IM 700006 Yes  
Auto Racing MA 1113 Yes  
B-17 Bomber MA 3884 Yes IntelliVoice Req.
Backgammon MA 1119 Yes  
Baseball ST 49 75202 Yes Mattel Baseball
Beamrider AC M-005-02 Yes  
Beauty & The Beast IM 700007 Yes  
Blockade Runner IT 8010001 Yes  
Body Slam Wrestling IN 9009 No  
Bomb Squad MA 3883 Yes IntelliVoice Req.
Boxing MA 1819 Yes  
Boxing ST 49 75221 Yes Mattel Boxing
Bump 'n' Jump MA 4688 Yes  
Burgertime MA 4549 Yes INTV II Pack-In
Buzz Bombers MA 4436 Yes  
Carnival CO 2488 No INTV I/III Only
Centipede AT 70254 No  
Championship Tennis IN 8200 Yes  
Checkers MA 1120 Yes  
Chip Shot Super Pro Golf IN 8900 No  
Commando IN 9000 No  
Congo Bongo SE 006-06 No  
Defender AT 70252 No  
Demo Cart MA ???? No  
Demo Cart II (Int. Demo) MA ???? No  
Demon Attack IM 700005 Yes  
Dig Dug IN 9005 No  
Diner IN 8800 No  
Donkey Kong CO 2471 No INTV I/III Only
Donkey Kong Jr. CO 24?? No  
Dracula IM 700018 Yes  
Dragonfire IM 700010 Yes  
Draughts MA 1120 ?? Eng. ver. of Checkers
Dreadnaught Factor AC M-004-04 Yes  
Electric Company Math Fun MA 2613 Yes  
Electric Company Word Fun MA 1122 Yes  
Fathom IM 7205(?) Yes  
Football ST 49 75201 Yes Mattel Football
Frog Bog MA 5301 Yes  
Frogger PB 6300 No  
Happy Trails AC M-003-04 Yes  
Horse Racing MA 1123 Yes  
Hover Force IN 8500 No  
Ice Trek IM 710012 Yes  
Jetsons' Ways With Words MA 4543 Yes ECS Required
Kool-Aid Man MA 4675 Yes  
Ladybug CO 2483 No  
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack MA 2611 Yes Included with system
Las Vegas Roulette MA 1118 Yes  
Learning Fun I IN 9002 No  
Learning Fun II IN 9006 No  
Lock 'n' Chase MA 5637 Yes  
Locomotion MA 4438 Yes  
Major League Baseball MA 2614 Yes  
Masters of the Universe MA 4689 Yes  
Melody Blaster MA 4540 L/R ECS Required
Microsurgeon IM 720013 L/R  
Mind Strike MA 4531 Yes ECS Required
Mission X MA 4437 Yes  
Motocross MA 3411 Yes  
Mouse Trap CO 2479 Yes INTV I/III Only
Mr. Basic Meets Bits & Bytes MA 4536 L/R ECS Required, 3 O/L
Mountain Madness Skiing IN 9007 No  
NASL Soccer MA 1683 Yes  
NBA Basketball MA 2615 Yes  
NFL Football MA 2610 Yes  
NHL Hockey MA 1114 Yes  
Night Stalker MA 5305 Yes  
Nova Blast IM 700022 Yes  
Pac-Man IN 8000 No  
Pac-Man AT   No  
PBA Bowling MA 3333 Yes  
PGA Golf MA 1816 Yes  
Pinball MA 5356 Yes  
Pitfall AC M-002-04 Yes  
Pole Position IN 9004 No  
Popeye PB 941519 No # for Euro version
Q*Bert PB 6360 No  
Reversi MA 5304 Yes  
River Raid AC M-007-03 Yes  
Royal Dealer MA 5303 Yes  
Safecracker IM 710025 Yes  
Scooby Doo's Maze Chase MA 4533 Yes ECS Required
Sea Battle MA 1818 Yes  
Sewer Sam IT 8010002 Yes  
Shark! Shark! MA 5387 Yes  
Sharp Shot MA 5638 Yes  
Slam Dunk Basketball IN 9001 No  
Slap Shot Hockey IN 9003 No  
Snafu MA 3758 Yes  
Space Armada MA 3759 Yes  
Space Battle MA 2612 Yes  
Space Hawk MA 5136 Yes  
Space Spartans MA 3416 Yes IntelliVoice Req.
Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball IN 9102 No  
Stadium Mud Buggies IN 9100 No  
Stampede AC M-001-04 Yes  
Star Strike MA 5161 Yes  
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back PB 6050 No  
Sub Hunt MA 3408 Yes  
Super Cobra PB 941505 No European Release
Super Pro Decathalon IN 9008 No  
Super Pro Football IN 8400 No  
Swords & Serpents IM 720009 L/R  
Tennis MA 1814 Yes  
Thin Ice IN 8300 No  
Thunder Castle IN 4469 No  
Tower of Doom IN 8600 No  
Triple Action MA 3760 Yes  
Triple Challenge IN 8700 No  
Tron Deadly Discs MA 5391 Yes  
Tron Maze-a-Tron MA 5392 Yes  
Tron Solar Sailer MA 5393 Yes IntelliVoice Req.
Tropical Trouble IM 700017 Yes  
Truckin' IM 710023 Yes  
Turbo CO 2473 No  
Turbo CB CI241303 No European Release
Tutankham PB 941509 No European Release
USCF Chess MA 3412 L/R INTV I/III Only??
US Ski Team Skiing MA 1817 Yes  
Utopia MA 5149 Yes  
Vectron MA 5788 Yes  
Venture CO 2477 No INTV I/III Only??
White Water IM 720024 Yes  
World Championship Baseball IN 5789 Yes  
World Cup Soccer IN 8100 Yes  
World Series Major League BB MA 4537 L/R ECS Required
Worm Whomper  AC M-006-03 Yes  
Zaxxon CO 2487 No  

4.2 - Unreleased (or rumored) titles for the Intellivision:

Title Mfg. Part# Notes
9 to 5 20    
All-Star Baseball MA 5789 Released by INTV as World Championship Baseball
Beezor IM 7613  
Blueprint CB 80031  
Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom SE 005-007  
Choplifter! IN    
Cosmic Avenger CO 2684  
Domino Man CB 80131  
Fall Guy 20    
Flight Simulator IN    
Frenzy CO 2675  
Galaxian AT    
G.I. Joe PB 6920  
Glacier Patrol SU   Based on Atari 2600 title
Go For the Gold MA    
GORF CB 80011  
Illusions MA    
James Bond 007: Octopussy PB 6110  
Jedi Arena PB   Based on Atari 2600 title
Karate Champ IN   Picture of box seen in catalog
Karateka IN    
Land Battle MA 5302  
Looping CO 2672  
Lord of the Rings: Journey To Rivendell PB 6950  
Madden Football CB 80121  
M*A*S*H 20    
Meltdown 20    
Moonsweeper IM 7207  
Ms. Pac-Man IN    
Mystic Castle MA   Released as Thunder Castle by INTV
Omega Race CB 80091  
Party Line MA    
Pepper II CO 2673  
Reactor PB 6330  
Return Of The Jedi: Death Star Battle PB 6060  
Return Of The Jedi: Ewok Adventure PB 6065  
Rocky CO 2670 Based on CV Title
Rocky and Bullwinkle MA 4601  
Sea Battle II IN    
Shootin' Gallery IM   Based on Atari 2600 title
Smurf Rescue CO    
Snow Plow SU   Atari 2600 proto exists
Tron II MA   Released as Tron Maze-A-Tron
Smurf CO    
Solar Fox CB 80021 Based on Atari 2600 title
Speed Freak IN    
Space Shuttle AC    
Spiderman PB 6900 Based on Atari 2600 title
Star Trek SE 004-007  
Strawberry Shortcake PB 6910 Based on Atari 2600 title
Super Pro Auto Racing IN    
Super Pro European Bike Rally IN    
Super Pro Horse Racing IN    
Super Pro Pool/Billiards IN   Deep Pockets ROM exists at Intellivision Lives! site
Super Pro Soccer  IN    
Tac-Scan SE 001-007 Based on Atari 2600 title
Time Pilot CO 2679  
Tower Of Mystery 20   Finished / released by INTV as Tower of Doom
Wings CB 80061  
Wing War IM 7209 Picture seen in catalog
Wizard Of Wor CB 80001  
XIV Winter Olympics MA 4552  
Yogi's Frustration MA   Prototype exists
Zenji AC   One copy may exist

4.3 - Unreleased (but announced) titles for the ECS:

Title Mfg. Part# Notes
Number Jumble MA    
The Flintstones MA    
Game Factory MA    
Program Builder MA    
Song Writer MA    
Football MA    
Soccer MA    

4.4 - Software announced for the original Computer Adapter (never released):

(These programs were all to have been provided on cassettes)

Title Mfg. Part# Notes
J.K. Lasser's 1980 Federal Income Tax Preparation MA    
Stock Analysis MA    
Jack LaLanne's Physical Cond. MA    
Guitar Lessons & Music Comp. MA    
Jeanne Dixon Astrology MA    
Speed Reading MA    
Dr. Art Ulene Weight Loss Prog. MA    
Conversational French MA    

4.5.1 - Easter Eggs, Cheats and Tips:

Beauty & The Beast

For getting high scores, instead of advancing to the 2nd building, just fall off when you reach the top. You lose 1 man, but gain it back with the easier play of the 1st building.

Bump 'n' Jump

There is a secret road, just jump off to the side and land out of view.

Sword & Serpents

  • On the 4th level, don't read the nearby scroll, it's a trap!
  • To 'win' you either have the wizard do a bunch of destroy_walls spells to get through the back or top or bottom side of the big room that the dragon is in, OR in one player mode, you have to walk through the corners of the successive walls (in the back of the big room). If you don't know what I'm talking about, practice on the lower levels by walking diagonally, into the outside of the corner of a wall. Once inside the dragon's lair, walk around and pick up a few neat goodies and be careful not to get killed by black knights and evil wizards (was there anything else that could kill you?) If you walk around enough, the programmer's initials will appear.


Another programmer's initials trick, anyone?

Triple Action:

Choose the tanks game and at the beginning of the screen take the red tank and drive up to the blue tank and face it head on (about an inch away). Now take the Blue Tank and do a 180 turn (Don't move the tank forward or backward at all). The blue tank should be facing the left side of your T.V. with the red tank looking at it's behind. Now move the red tank forward and into the blue tank as far as it will go and stop there. Now using the disc, turn the red tank to the 1:00 position, which should look like this:

                      /       Now the idea here is to be partly on 
                   __/_       the blue tank while facing away from it 
         XXXXXXXX /   /       and hitting the SIDE Button really quick 
     ------IIII  / - /        "Not the FIRE Button but the 'move forward 
         XXXXXXXX __/         quick' button. 

The Tank (red) should, with a ghostly floating effect, sail off to the right of the screen. It will also go through the barriers and eventually off the screen. From then on give the blue tank control to a friend and you'll be conveniently hidden off screen while he tries to find you. Try practicing this one awhile as it takes a bit of tweaking to get it just right. After you do get it, try playing with the bullets, shooting them off screen and in-between walls and barriers. Heck, see if you and a friend can get both tanks to sail off at the same time. It might work too.

General INTV games

Several INTV releases will display the game's credits if you press 0 on the title screen:

  • Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling
  • Chip Shot Super Pro Golf
  • Super Pro Football
  • Hover Force
  • Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball
  • Tower of Doom

Several others simply display the credits if you leave the title screen up long enough:

  • Diner
  • Monster Truck Rally (Stadium Mud Buggies)
  • Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing
  • Super Pro Decathlon
  • Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey

They didn't document the "press 0" trick, but they didn't want to make it hard to find. What you *aren't* supposed to find is the Chip Shot programmer's secret message to his family: press 23 (2 and 3 at the same time) on the left hand controller and 26 on the right hand controller and press reset.

4.5.2 - Information regarding Unreleased Titles & Hardware

Most of the information provided here was posted to the general net populace courtesy of the Blue Sky Rangers and Keith Robinson (

Speed Freak (INTV??):

Neither Mattel nor INTV did this as an Intellivision game (INTV may have included this in a list of "upcoming" games, but no work was ever done on it). Mattel did do a handheld version.

Space Shuttle:

Mattel did a Space Shuttle IntelliVoice game that was unfinished when we were shut down in Jan '84. Only the prototypes exist. Activision also did a Space Shuttle game, but I don't know the status of their Intellivision version of it.

Dig Dug (Atarisoft??):

Dig Dug was programmed at Atari, but it was still being debugged at the time they discontinued releasing Intellivision games. It was debugged and released first through INTV. (#9005)

Pole Position (Atarisoft??):

Produced for and released by INTV. (#9004)

Defender (INTV Corp??):

INTV did sell it, but it was first released by Atarisoft.

Frogger (INTV Corp??):

Again, INTV sold it, but it was a Parker Brothers release.

Rocky & Bullwinkle:

An unreleased Mattel game, only prototypes exist.

Super NASL Soccer (ICA game):

In the works at Mattel for the Entertainment Computer System when we were closed; the game was completed for INTV and released as a regular Intellivision cartridge under the name World Cup Soccer.

Prototype IntelliVoice (white / Matching Intellivision II):

It was a carved, painted block of wood for the photos. No working prototypes were made.

4.6 - Information regarding Label & Box Variations

There are 4 main "distributors" of the Intellivision games though we tend to call them manufacturers. For instance, Atarisoft manufactured the INTV versions of the Atari titles as well as the Atarisoft release versions.

The 4 "distributors" are:

  • Mattel, the original "manufacturer" of the Intellivision.
  • INTV, the company that was formed and bought out the Mattel rights to Intellivision products.
  • Sears/Telegames which distributed Intellivision games and systems under their own names.
  • Telegames, which is still in business and which owns many of the rights (if not all) to the Intellivision games. Their games are most likely manufactured by CBS Electronics in Italy, though not all are.

Mattel Electronics

The games originally manufactured to be distributed by Mattel have a (c) MI or (c) MEI on the label. These are the only types of labels known to have been sold by Mattel.

Intellivision, Inc. / INTV Corp.

Sealed INTV boxes (yes INTV boxes were different, though, like the cartridges, they also used the leftover Mattel boxes) have been found (frequently) with 3 types of labeled games in them:

  1. (c) II, white label
  2. (c) MI
  3. (c) MEI
  4. no copyright or country of origin, colored label
  5. no copyright but with a country of origin, colored label
  6. no copyright or country of origin, white label

The (c) II is the closest thing to being a "regular" INTV release, but not complete proof.

Sears / Telegames

Sears/Telegames released games in specially designed boxes which are quite easy to identify. They are a dark reddish brown and clearly say "Sears/Telegames". The labels on the games sold by Sears/Telegames are of several types:

  1. no copyright or country of origin, colored label
  2. no copyright but with a country of origin, colored label
  3. (c) MI
  4. (c) MEI


Telegames releases are in a variety of boxes, most commonly in a box clearly identified as "Telegames". They can still be purchased from Telegames, UK. There are a variety of labels on these games, but the most common, and the closest to "official" Telegames releases are a white label with no copyright or country of origin on them. The following labels have been found in Telegames boxes.

  1. no copyright or country of origin, white label
  2. All of the above varieties.

There may be a way of telling the White Label, no (c), no country of origin INTV games from the White Label Telegames in some cases as there tends to be two distinct styles and sizes of lettering used.

The bottom line is:

You can't tell who sold or manufactured the games themselves in most cases except:

  • If it is (c) MI or (c) MEI it was manufactured for Mattel
  • If it is (c) II it was manufactured for INTV

The boxes were manufactured for the company (one of the 4 above) and can be identified as they are clearly marked. They were not necessarily sold by the same companies.

Keith Robinson had this to add on the subject of labels and boxes:

:Q: I recently came across a pile of Intellivision carts with white labels only and was wondering if anybody out there knew the scoop on them. Are they any rarer than the colored versions? The manuals also are in B&W only, not like the ones I already have. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

KR: Pretty cheesy, huh? I was in charge of printing those; Terry Valeski contracted with me to provide all the packaging for the INTV Corporation releases. He wanted costs as low as possible, so overlays were eliminated where possible (Mattel's policy was that every game had to have overlays, even if they weren't really needed, such as for Pinball; Valeski got rid of them), manuals became black & white (folded, not stapled) and labels were printed on whatever stock my printer had leftover and would give me a price break on. That's why you'll find different size labels on different copies of the same game.

Of course, INTV didn't invent this cost cutting. Mattel's Intellivision packaging went downhill quickly, too. The original boxes opened like a book and had a plastic tray the cartridge fit into. Manuals were all full color. The plastic tray was the first thing to go, then the manuals went to two-color, then the boxes simply became boxes (some games, like BurgerTime, were released in both versions of the boxes).

At INTV, we printed the boxes on an even cheaper grade of cardboard, but at least Valeski wanted them to be colorful. I designed most of them with an art budget of about $800 per box. A painter named Steve Huston did the Super Pro sports covers and I did most of the cartoony covers (Thin Ice, Learning Fun I & II). Other artists and photographers did individual titles. I had Joe Ferreira, who did the graphics for Hover Force, do the artwork for the box. And if the cover art for Thunder Castle looks more threatening than the cute graphics in the game, it's because that artwork had been commissioned by Mattel for the Tower of Doom cartridge. Valeski had it used for Thunder Castle since that game was already completed when he bought the Intellivision rights; Tower of Doom was incomplete. He had Tower of Doom finished later and I had to come up with new art for its box.

(By the way, look for the number 47 on the INTV boxes; that number is how Pomona College alumni sort of say "hello" to each other. Dave Warhol, the Pomona alum who produced these games, asked me to slip a 47 into the art whenever possible. Trivia: another Pomona Alum got onto the staff of Star Trek, which is why the number 47 pops up in most episodes of Next Generation and Voyager, and TWICE in the movie Generations.)

Sorry that I can't answer your real question though, namely which labels are worth more. That's a question for the collectors. But remembering how quickly some of this stuff was slapped together, it amuses me today to hear people pondering their value. well as this:

:Q: The boxes do not open like the coloured ones right? These games were reproduced by the INTV corporation after they took over from Mattel.

Mattel had already switched from the book-cover boxes to standard boxes by the time INTV took over. INTV used up Mattel stock, then made up new batches of the most popular games. In these cases, the INTV boxes are identical to the Mattel boxes (printed from the same negatives) except the Mattel Electronics name is deleted and the INTV name and address is added on the back. Major League Baseball also underwent a name change to Big League Baseball, since the Major League trademark either expired or wasn't transferable.

All of the INTV games were released in full-color standard boxes, except for a brief period where they tried to get away with no boxes -- sending out mail orders with the cartridge and instructions simply sealed in a plastic bag. Consumers complained -- loudly -- and boxes were quickly reinstated.

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